my sunshine is all that is keeping me going…..

jeez. today sitting in the sun was amazing in so many ways.  I feel so grateful I am able to come to paradise and rejuvenize.  Many people don’t have the luxury of ever leaving their country and for this I am incredibly blessed.  Unfortunately as grateful as I am its very bittersweet.  I can’t be so happy because I miss my hayati so much.  I miss my best friend.  The person I look forward talking to more than anyone.  I feel so distant from her since I have been gone and that has really been hard.  My princess is so important and its tough to be so far from her life. Not a second goes by that i am not thinking about you baby.  What keeps me going is believing you are my sunshine.  Its the closest thing I can find that makes me feel almost as good as holding you does.  I truly appreciate you more and more everyday.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder but distance makes the heart ache too 😦 I love you soooo much x Infinity Binity….ok binity isn’t a word but I wanted it to sound like alot.  Please keep being safe and know I am constantly thinking about you and what you are doing.  You make me smile sooooo much boo..


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