Tragedies are reminders

Although not personally knowing anyone involved in today’s tragedy it puts life into perspective. I cannot imagine living my life without the most important person in my life. I am grateful everyday that my baby is in my life. Tragedy is something I pray I won’t ever have to endure but if I do, I pray that I get to live my life to the fullest with those that mean the most to me. Albi, you are my everything. I cherish you in every way. The memories we share keep me strong. It’s a shame tragedies are reminders not to take those around you for granted, but it’s true. I pray for all those affected and pray for their families. I also pray for my baby. May you always be safe. You make my world such a beautiful place. I will love you forever and always. Muahhh

Tarzan and Jane for the win

Thanks for a day full of laughs and fun times baby. I am so grateful for a girlfriend as cool as you (don’t let it go to your head lover). Sports/ action movies and lots of funny jokes. To top it off a trip to Tiffany’s to warm my heart. You are amazing albi. Thank you for everything today. I love you so much.


No still spells love

We all know I just can’t get enough of you but I wanted you to know something….I love you even when you say no…. So much! No isn’t my favourite word but you are my favourite word. Dont ever feel bad babe. I hope my jokes were too much but I was just trying to have some fun. Believe in me lover. Muahhh

Growing together

Today felt really great. We grew a lot today babe. I loved our heartfelt talk. I loved that we both want to be even better. I am grateful that we are growing stronger. It was a short hangout but you’re right babe, it was better than nothing. Sleep deprived and all I wouldn’t change it for the world. Mani pedis and some quality time made for an amazing afternoon. Thanks baby for all you do to help us grow. You are understanding and willing to always try and be better. You amaze me by how big your heart is. I love you a lot.

Ps I also am grateful for getting to talk to your mom for a bit. It felt so natural and I really felt like part of your family. Warmed my heart. Muahhhh

Feeling special

Today i am beyond grateful for feeling super special. I know at times couples can get bogged down by life. School, work, lack of sleep can all contribute to less passion and can sometimes lead to taking each other for granted. I know I haven’t always been perfect in this regard but I am trying to be more aware. Just as my baby has been. I love it when I feel like she can’t keep her hands off me like when we first met. I love feeling like she can’t resist me. Although times life this aren’t always realistic it means a lot when they can happen. I am blessed today was that day because I need them every so often. I love you so much hayati. Muahhh

Honeymoon phase still going strong

Tonight I am grateful to have not even come close to losing the honeymoon feeling in our relationship. I still get the same butterflies I always have from the second I laid eyes on you baby. I still go to bed smiling and wake up smiling knowing you’re the last person I think about before I fall asleep and the first person I think about in the morning.  I just can’t get enough of you.

your voice gives me goosebumps. Your smile is an instant stress reliever and your cuddles make the world feel like it’s standing still. I love you baby. More than I love butter. I am so lucky to have a lover, best friend and workout partner all while calling  you my girlfriend. Thank you for all you do albi. You make me complete. You truly are my better half. Muahhh




A little hiatus to refresh the soul

I’m sorry about the little hiatus from the blog. It wasn’t intentional or out of spite. I simply needed a few days to reflect for myself. No person can truly always be grateful without a little self reflection and revamping of his or her goals.

What I’ve realized is no matter what day goes by it isn’t hard to be grateful for you. In every way shape and form you have shown me a reason for me to be grateful for you. You’re beyond beautiful inside and out. You’re understanding and love you show me daily is like no other.

I am sorry at times I expect a lot and sometimes am naive to the small things. I just want you to know that although I can be naive, eventually I reminisce on what I’ve overlooked and it makes me smile. Ie. the snow 1 year writing…

Babe. Please know I am a worrier my family are worriers. You are my rock. I feel so much better when you’re around. You make every ounce of anxiety and stress leave my body and I instantly can’t help but smile. Any disagreement is more than worth the trade off of all the amazing memories we create.

I love you more than anything. I cannot believe how crazy I am for you. You make me have butterflies just as bad as the first day we finally talked.

Thank you for being my rock, my strength, my best friend, my life line, and most of all the most amazing companion. I am blessed with your beauty. It takes my breath away daily. You are the most amazing person I have ever met. Love you so much. Xoxox

Unexpected mail

Grateful for the recognition even though I don’t always want it. Getting the mail today and opening up the envelope from the government to find a thank you for helping out with a national crisis in July was amazing. Even more amazing I know how they caught wind of my efforts. Thanks for everything you do albi. Thank you for the amazing words you wrote about me to the Heroes of the flood. I love you very much baby. It means the world to me. YOU mean even more to me. Xxx


Thank you for everything you are to me baby. Happy anniversary. I am so blessed and grateful for everything you have taught me and showed me. I love you so much. Inshallah you feel the same about me forever and always just as we promised each other. I love you so much hayati. Please remember that even when I want to lion kiss you xx

Cannot believe it

I cannot believe tomorrow is almost here. For 364 days I have loved you more than anything. For the rest of my days I’ll love you more and more. I am so grateful for you. I love you hayati xxxx always and forever